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Do you have a HP Netbook or HP / Compaq computer? Have you created a set o Recovery Disk or USB Disk for your computer? It is strongly recommended that you create a recovery disc set soon after acquiring your computer. If the recovery disk or USB disk of your HP or Compaq computer were not created before the recovery partition was damaged or erased, you will unable to restore your computer to its original condition in case of a major problem with your computer. The recovery DVD / USB Disk set contains a complete set of the original operating system, drivers, and application software that shipped with the computer.
If you have already created a Recovery Disk / Recovery USB Disk for your computer, did you know that dueto the licensing agreements with Microsoft, HP recovery disc creator software allow users to create only one recovery disc set for each Hp / Compaq computer. They think that might be used to distribute the operating system software illegally. However, In my opinion, we should allowed to create more than one set of Recovery Disk because we cannot predict what happen to our Recover Disk. Here is the situation.
Sometimes you may want to do a system recovery but for some reason, you are not able to find created recovery disk or USB Disk that you had already created and stored before (For example, you are in overseas). Or During the system recovery process., It have been crashed half way due to the corrupted recovery disk or your Recovery USB disk was infected with virus and you have to reformatted the USB disk  ( It means All Recovery data has gone). At the end, the only way to recover your computer into the Factory State is purchase a set of Recovery DVD from HP.
I strong recommended that you should create at least 2 sets of Recover disk.

Let’s discuss how to configure your HP/ Compaq computer and  create more than one set of recovery CDs
for HP / Compaq Computer.

Note: This method can be use in HP Computer and Compaq Computer which preloaded with Window 7.
(Tested in HP Mini and Compaq CQ42 Series)
How to configure and  create more than one set of recovery CDs for HP / Compaq Computer.
1. Open My Computer 
2. Go to Organize ->  Folder and Search Option.
3. Go to “View”.

4. Choose  File and Folders -> Hidden  files an folder -> Show hidden files, folder, and drives.

5. Untick “Hide extensions for known files types”   and “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)

When you untick the “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”, a warning message will be appeared. Just click yes.

6.Go to  C:\ProgramData\Hewlett-Packard\Recover, assuming that C:\ is the location where your Windows 7 is installed.

7. Then Delete or Rename a file named hpdrcu.prc (Rename “hpdrcu.prc” to “hpdrcu.prc-” or whatever you like.). Just Click Yes or Continue for the Warning Messages appeared after this.
8. Navigate to your D:\ , assuming D:\ drive is the recovery partition on your Hp / Compaq Computer and  Delete or Rename a file named hpdrcu.prc (Rename “hpdrcu.prc” to “hpdrcu.prc-” or whatever name you like.).

9. That’s it. You can now create new sets of recovery Disk / USB Disk .

If you want to create more sets of Recovery Disk (For example, 3rd set of Recovery Disk)  . You need to repeat the steps  ( Step 1 to Step 8) mentioned above.

Remember to change back the setting  [Just Tick  "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”]  in My Computer -Organize ->  Folder and Search Option. (Which has been changed In Step 5) to prevent the modification of protected operating system files

Good Luck and Enjoy.

If you have any question, just post a comment and i will answer it as soon as possible. 

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